Saturday, March 21, 2009

Double Standard in Sheboygan

This, out of the Sheboygan Press, January 8, 2009: "Sheboygan boy, 17, charged with allegedly having sex with girl, 14."

One day later, also out of the Sheboygan Press, January 9, 2009: "Sheboygan girl, 17, charged for allegedly having sex with boy, 14."

So within a 24 hour period, two 17 year old kids are charged with having sex with their respective 14 year old girlfriend/boyfriend. Both 14 year olds claimed to their partners that they were 16.

But get this, according to the articles' information on when the younger partners were to turn 15, the 17 year old girl had sex with her boyfriend, "179 months" of age, and got charged with a max 9 mos. misdemeanor. The 17 year old BOY, on the other hand, had sex with his "177 month old" girlfriend, and got hit with a max 25 years felony.

If convicted, he'll also probably have to register as a sex offender for the duration of his life, with all the wonderful "privileges" that come with that distinction.

But there's not a double standard.