Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Too little funding for fighting AIDS among Blacks?

An article in the News & Observer states:

Report: U.S. blacks face AIDS crisis

David Brown, The Washington Post

WASHINGTON - A prominent AIDS organization Tuesday accused the federal government of doing too little to fight AIDS among black Americans, in whom the size and scope of the epidemic resembles that seen in many African nations.

In a 55-page report, the Black AIDS Institute argued that AIDS should be viewed as a threat to the entire black population and not just specific high-risk groups. Unlike in white Americans -- and in the citizens of most industrialized nations -- HIV in American blacks is increasingly transmitted heterosexually through "networks" where men especially have many sex partners at the same time, the report noted.

Sort of reminds me of the joke that begins, "Hey, Doctor, it hurts when I do this."

Anyway, the CDC 's Kevin A Fenton disputes the claim:

The proportion of AIDS-prevention funds devoted to the black community has risen as the epidemic has become more concentrated there and constitutes about $300 million of the $600 million spent each year, Fenton said.

Spending 50% of AIDS-prevention funds on the black community does not sound like "doing too little to fight AIDS among black Americans" to me.

Does it to you?


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